BAM and Mr. Dero were looking for an innovative visual concept for their upcoming double EP/LP. The EPs are titled “THIS” and “THAT” and will constitute the album with the title “THIS&THAT”.

The original idea was to create an anamorphic installation of the two words with different colors and plotted letters. However, soon we realized that it would be way to complex to install the entire words. That is why we agreed on just creating the initial letters of the words and the ampersand.

Additionally the concept has been adapted. We rescued old instruments and other music equipment from the junkyard or picked up non-repairable instruments from collectors and music stores.

 Subsequently we constructed the individual glyphs by positioning the various objects in the room. We chose different colors for each photo set, meaning each cover. The majority of the objects were suspended from the ceiling with nylon threads. The letters were printed on tracing paper and placed in front oft he camera. Then we positioned the objects live on the camera screen and afterwards placed them in the room.

This way we were able to create a complex and successful installation that we are all satisfied with.




Creative Direction and Concept:
Simon Lemmerer, Stefan Leitner

Stefan Leitner

Art Direction:
Simon Lemmerer

Martin Reicht, Mario Hainzl

Set Design:
Stefan Leitner, Simon Lemmerer, Martin Reicht,
Cristoph Kammerlander

Stefan Leitner, Simon Lemmerer, Martin Reicht,
Cristoph Kammerlander, Stefan Koller, Helmut Rebernegg,
Xaver Kettele, Christoph Kiesel 

Mr.Dero: Bam & Mr.Dero – Take My Heart (Instrumental)
taken from THIS EP

Thanks to:
Citypark Graz